Hey Everyone! Devang here. I am a Chartered Accountant (AIR 48 CA-IPCC) and CFA L3 candidate by profession and passionate about stocks. The passion about stocks has a long story and let me brief it for you.

The Start

I was in 11th Standard when my mother used to watch up stock prices at 9 PM daily, though I felt bored seeing it for a hour listening to all the business news but she used to be serious and kept talking about the closing prices of some names which was more strange to me who was lost in accounting entries them. Slowly and slowly seeing the business news every day finally raise my curiosity towards market. The seed was bowed somewhere in my mind


I was born in a rich family but a series of events took all back. I lost my father when I was in 5th Class and the troubles of money was started from there due to low savings.

I passed out my CA -intermediate examinations in 2012 and to everyone’s shock (even mine) I got an All India 48th rank. Now this is not to show off but an important thing happened that acted as a realisation. As a result of the rank I got facilitated by the coaching institute and won a cash prize of 15,000 INR. Though that might sound few bucks for you but it was my first earning income at time when my mother used to have only 1000’s in bank account (the savings were all gone in raising me and my brother up along with her Job Income)

Below is the picture of the Big Cheque I received and my photo from 2012

Another realisation that shaped at that moment was the money that I received was as a result of doing what I loved (Finance-studies) - The Seed of entrepreneurship was sowed


I have been a fast implementer of things and as I started receiving articleship stipend I wanted to apply those learnings. The early life entrepreneurship seed grew big by then and the first thought that came was stock markets as I can do that at my comfort on a click doing my articleship together.

I started investing my articleship money with whatever knowledge I had.

How I met Gourav

I met Gourav who is the Co-founder of Equialpha in my CA articleship training in 2012 and was my senior. We shared common interest towards Stocks and money and as a result we became good friends. We used to discuss about stocks, developments happening in popular companies around. The passion about stocks was becoming deep. Though yes the early investments that we did thinking we had knowledge crashed up soon and we lost most of our money (The amount was luckily small for gaurav but for me it took serious damage as i had also borrowed lackhs from friends and family as we were not earning and just had small stipends)

Then we both started reading & learning more about famous investors & traders, learning from their books and implementing things by our own

The Job

Soon I passed up CA-Finals in 2015, by the end of 2015 I had tried up everything in stock markets from Futures to Options trading to long term Investing to Intraday trading etc etc. The end result was losses and from then onwards I started searching for straight answers towards the most essential part The Buy/The sell/The Stock in the most simplistic way

I started my job in equity research firms like Purnartha Investment & ICICI securities and developed my own style combining of the fundamental knowledge & technical knowledge by my Job experience and learning from various places. I was getting close to my dream system into stock markets, applying my 6 yrs of all the ups & down from 2012 – to CA- to Job and in between blowing my account completely twice in trading. Losses are your best teacher.

How Equialpha Got started

Investment decision specially into stock markets have historically been random from brokerage reports to news channels to cloning big investors or making some biased stories most of which destroys wealth. This made us to start looking for a process based investing system and we decided to dig deeper into the history.

It was year 2015 when we started looking into last 30 years of Indian Stock markets and looked upon each multibagger stocks and each wealth destroyer over the years. What we found was amazing and highly insightful, all these companies had similarities in terms of fundamental and technical parameters.

We realized that it's not needed to spend 100's of hrs reading reports, information crunching or number crunching as widely we see all around. What we understood was working in markets was SIMPLICITY. We developed a system using yrs of insights, learning's & experience that eliminates all above long yrs and takes the total time required to just 2 HR on a Sunday. Yeah! I know it sounds amazing but that's what gives you more freedom, more time and more money, After all who want's to sit in front of screen and spend long yrs doing news & analysis on portfolio. This rule based system can POWER UP YOUR WEALTH

Finally, in 2018 we both left Job and started the company Equialpha meaning Equity driven by Process with a MISSION – To Power up 1,00,000 people achieve financial freedom using the “POWER INVESTING BLUEPRINT”

And I am Glad that you are here

I would love to help you achieve you success into Stock Markets

Our roots are grounded in minimalism and authenticity

If you are able to resonate with my Journey, let’s stay connected

All the best – Towards your financial Success

CA Devang Maheshwari


The Team

Devang Maheshwari


Chartered Accountant & CFA L3 candidate with 6 years of Investing & Trading experience. Passionate Analyst & Portfolio manager. Worked with companies like ICICI Securities, Purnartha Investment & Wipro

Gaurav Gupta


Chartered Accountant & CFA L2 candidate with 6 years of Banking & Finance Experience. A thorough research analyst with 7 years of experience with good business understanding. Worked with companies like Religare Ltd and also as financial advisor to Gyankriti.


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